8-31-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Bilingual Service "Taking A Step"

8-30-17 Pastor Sparks Wednesday Night "You Are A Pearl Of Great Price"

8-27-17 Bro. Jonathan Sunday Night "Being Rich Towards God"

8-27-17 Bro. Micah Sunday Morning "I Can't Go Back"

8-24-17 Bro. Gregorio Thursday Night Bilingual Service "Are You Doing What God Wants You To Do?"

8-23-17 Bro. Randy Wednesday Night

8-20-17 Bro. Jonathan Sunday Night

8-20-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning

8-16-17 Bro. Randy Wednesday Night

8-13-17 Bro. Jonathan Sunday Night

8-13-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning

8-11-17 Bro. Allen Friday Night "The Will Of God"

8-10-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Bilingual Service "Will Ye Go Away?"

8-6-17 Bro. Allen Sunday Night "The Meaning of Grace"

8-6-17 Bro. Alex Sunday Morning "Your Giants"

8-2-17 Bro. Allen Wednesday Night "What God Wants Us To Do For Him"