12-31-17 Sunday Night New Year's Eve Service

12-31-17 Pastor Sparks Sunday Morning "The Way That Seemeth Right"

12-28-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Spanish/Bilinugal Service

12-27-17 Bro. Villarosa Wednesday Night "What Is Your Life Built On? What Foundation Do You Have?"

12-24-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning Christmas Jubilee

12-21-17 Bro. Gregorio Thursday Night Spanish/Bilingual Service

12-20-17 Bro. Randy Wednesday Night

12-17-17 Bro. Jonathan Sunday Night "The Proud Will Fall"

12-14-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Spanish/Bilingual Service

12-13-17 Bro. Randy Wednesday Night

12-10-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning

12-7-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Spanish/Bilingual Service "Hold Your Ground"

12-6-17 Bro. Robert Wednesay Night "Chosen For This Generation"

12-3-17 Bro. Jonathan Sunday Night "Don't Follow The Crowd"

12-3-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning "The Sifting"