7-30-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning "The Blessing and The Birthright"

7-27-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Bilingual Service "Day Of Adoption"

7-26-17 Bro. Randy Wednesday Night

7-23-17 Bro. Jonathan Sunday Night "Having An Excellent Spirit"

7-23-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning "Your Calling"

7-20-17 Bro. Arturo Wednesday Night Bilingual Service "What Are You Willing To Sacrifice"

7-19-17 Bro. Randy Wednesday Night "Are You Going To Live For God"

7-16-17 Pastor Sparks Sunday Morning

7-13-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Bilinual Service "The Power Of The Blood"

7-12-17 Bro. Alex Wednesday Night "Making The Most Of What We Have"

7-9-17 Bro. Jonathan Sunday Night

7-5-17 Bro. Arturo Wednesday Night "Go All Ye Out Into The World"

7-2-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning