6-29-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Bilingual Service "God's Way Or Your Way"

6-28-17 Bro. Randy Wednesday Night Bible Study

6-25-17 Pastor Sparks Sunday Night "Don't Be Lost In The Process Of Being Saved"

6-25-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning

6-21-17 Bro. Alex & Bro. Randy Wednesday Night

6-18-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning Father's Day

6-15-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Spanish/English Service "How Is Your Christian Walk?"

6-14-17 Pastor Sparks Wednesday Night "A Mediator"

6-11-17 Bro. Jonathan Sunday Night "One Day At A Time"

6-11-17 Bro. Randy Sunday Morning Christians United For Israel

6-8-17 Bro. Arturo Thursday Night Spanish/Enlgish Service "Open Your Door"

6-7-17 Pastor Sparks Wednesday Night "Integrity, Perfect, Upright, and Shooing Evil"

6-4-17 Bro. Randy Jubilee Sunday